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"Our Phys. Ed. students have engaged in this portable wall climbing program for more than 10 years now!  This is an excellent, engaging, activity that students really get excited about! Students not only experience the obvious benefits related to fitness (improved strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, power, reaction time, agility), but have the opportunity to set personal goals, promote teamwork and personal safety, all while pushing their own personal limits.  I’ve seen many students that may not be interested traditional team sports, really shine in this environment!

This is one of those activities that often has benefits beyond the classroom.  Some of our students become involved in climbing recreationally or competing at our local climbing clubs, widening their social circles. In my role in promoting lifelong health and wellness, I hope for all students to have this opportunity at school!"

Brian Burns (Physical Education Department Head, Bishop Macdonell CHS, Guelph, ON)



"...[Prism Climbing] has been an integral part of our health and physical education program for many years. All of our HPE students take part in the one – week wall climbing unit, and for many of them, it is the highlight of the semester.


The variety of climbing apparatus meets the needs of every student. From the wall climbing walls, to the bouldering wall, high ropes, ladders and slack line there is something for every student. Students who may not be that skilled in other activities always seem to find a way to excel at the climbing.


I am always very impressed by the quality of the [Prism Climbing] staff. They are friendly, professional and develop an excellent rapport with the students. They are on time and ready to go every day of the week.


We were one of the first schools in the area to have the [Prism Climbing] in to our school. Since that time, almost every school is a [Prism Climbing] client.  This speaks to the value of the activity and the quality of the service provided."

Steve Friesen (Department Head Health and Physical Education, Our Lady of Lourdes CSS, Guelph, ON)

We have had the portable climbing wall at our school twice a year for the last ten years. Dave and his team from [Prism Climbing] are always accommodating, professional, and knowledgeable. They deliver a diverse climbing program, and they make it fun and challenging for all students, regardless of their fitness level. For many of our students, this is the highlight of their year


Cindy Alarie (Special Education Resource Teacher, Healthy Active Living Department Head

St. James Catholic High School)

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